Clairity Digestive Program IBS relief and long-term freedom from digestive struggles

Your doctor diagnoses you with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Trying to be helpful, they turn to Google, find an article from a reputable source, suggest a low FODMAP diet, and hand you a printout of foods to avoid.

You scan the list. Apples, cauliflower, yogurt, whole grain bread—the list goes on. And now you’re freaking out. You thought these foods were supposed to be healthy.

You’re thinking, “I can’t eat anything!”

You’re worried that there’s something bigger going on with your health

Frustrated with the food list you received from your doctor, you turn to Google, and all you find is article after article of conflicting advice. Some sources say certain foods are okay and some say to avoid them.

You’ve tried eliminating dairy, avoiding gluten, and eating more fiber. The list of “bad” foods is growing and nothing seems to work. You’re doing all these hard things and not seeing any improvement.

You’re completely over struggling with gas, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation and just wish you knew what to do to get back to normal.

All you know is that you can’t keep going on like this. You’re missing out on your family, friends, and all the things you used to enjoy.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your doctor has little knowledge about IBS and they’re not sure what will help
  • You’re tired of wasting money on expensive supplements and wellness consults only to end up in the same place
  • Food sensitivity testing led you to avoid dozens of foods—and you still don’t have relief
  • You’re embarrassed when gas, bloating or bowel issues hit
  • You need to change into stretch pants by the end of each day because your stomach is so bloated

Perhaps you don’t have a diagnosis, but you’re dealing with IBS-like issues and you’re exhausted from constantly thinking about food and how it will affect you. You’re tired of worrying about where to find the nearest bathroom.

You’ve tried eliminating dairy, avoiding gluten, and eating more fiber. Nothing seems to work.

Enough is enough! You’re ready to end the struggle and just want to get back to normal.

You just want to figure out how to feel more like yourself again.

Imagine, feeling in control over your food and body again. Your home is stocked with an abundance of food that makes you feel good. Meal planning, shopping, and even cooking are easy again. You’re excited to try new recipes and you’re spending more time connecting at the dinner table with people you love.

Ordering from any restaurant menu feels effortless. You go out to eat now and you spend most of the time smiling, laughing, and enjoying the great company.

You’re excited because you feel free to go out on the town for the first time in ages, go out on adventures, sit through an entire movie, play at the park, and even go for a long hike.

  • Food can be easy again.
  • Food isn’t the enemy and doesn’t have to consume your thoughts.
  • You can feel light, confident, and energetic in your body again.
  • The best part? You hardly ever think about the nearest restroom anymore.


There is help, and you don’t have to do it alone.

You can also experience all the fun you used to have with the people that matter most.


That’s exactly what you get with

the Clairity Digestive Program.

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

A Registered Dietitian and former IBS sufferer who helps people get relief from IBS symptoms. I teach them evidence-based strategies to figure out the right foods and lifestyle changes to support them in healing their gut and feeling like themselves again.

The Clairity Digestive Program is an online program that delivers relief from IBS symptoms in the first 6 weeks and a long-term strategy to heal your gut—for good.

Even better? Some clients report relief in just 2 weeks!

Feeling better is just the beginning. We help you expand your diet for the long-term. We’re there with you for a full year to offer you all the support and expert guidance you need to feel better—for good.

In the Clairity Digestive Program, you’ll discover…


  • Exactly which foods are safe and trigger-free with the single best-kept secret to figuring out your food intolerances once and for all
  • The precise step-by-step plan I’ve used with clients for 7 years with all the strategies you need to find IBS symptom relief
  • The evidence-based, practical approach to finding relief within 6 weeks (some clients even feel better after just 2 weeks!)
  • Tried and true methods experienced by hundreds of clients for living and loving life without IBS symptoms

Take back control of your food, your body, and your life.

What you’ll find inside the Clairity Digestive Program:


Personalized Support

Unlimited email support 24/7 and food journal reviews


Video Lessons

Watch quick audios and videos on the go


13 Weeks of Meal Plans

First to get you relief and then to support you long-term


Group Support

A private Facebook community of people who understand


Customized Advice

Adapt your favorite childhood recipes and make the program fit your life


150+ Simple Recipes

Delicious and nutritious recipes developed by culinary experts and Registered Dietitians

A Clear Path To Relief In As Little as 2 Weeks

Many clients report that they have relief after just two weeks! You’ll get an easy to follow framework where you’ll learn step-by-step what to do to find relief and figure out what you can eat.

In phase 1, you’ll focus on relief from symptoms. Then in phase 2, you’ll identify your food intolerances and learn what’s safe to eat. In phase 3, you’ll expand your food list and learn how to navigate travel, dining out, and holidays.

Private Dietitian Coaching—Expert Eyes On Your Diet

You’ll get unlimited email support from a team of digestive nutrition experts for 12 whole months. We’re here to help answer your quick questions, solve problems, customize the program to fit your life, figure out those food intolerances and look at your food journal for patterns and triggers. Simply shoot us an email with your questions and get a response within 24 hours from someone who cares about your progress and is ready to help.

Easy To Follow Meal Plans & Recipes

You’ll get your own digital copy of the Clairity Cookbook & Meal Plans when you sign up. This includes over 150 simple recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Plus 13 weeks of meal plans to guide you through your food intolerances and getting to relief. All you’ll do is shop and cook! If you ever have questions about your family’s favorite recipes, we’re happy to suggest adjustments to make it a safe meal.

A Private Online Community

Tap into a generous community of other members who have been where you are and are a few steps ahead of you. In this private Facebook community, you’ll be able to ask questions such as, what kinds of snacks to look for at the airport, what to pack for a road trip, and how to approach special occasions and still enjoy yourself.

Learn more about your Clairity Digestive Program Facilitator:

Hi, I’m Stephanie Clairmont. Like you I was diagnosed with IBS and Hiatus Hernia. I struggled for years sorting through information and advice that just didn’t work.

After 4 years of embarrassing and uncomfortable digestive issues during graduate school and my first couple of years as a dietitian, I finally figured out a plan to identify my food triggers, heal my gut, and find lasting relief.

As a dietitian, I created a step-by-step program where I could share what worked for me with my clients, so they too could feel normal again. For more than 7 years now, I’ve been helping hundreds of clients to get their lives back and I can’t wait to give you your life back.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend years like I did reading books, journal articles, and experimenting on yourself. The plan has been tested and proven by hundreds and built for you.

You can finally take back control of your gut health, and your life—and the Clairity Digestive Program can help.

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Frequently asked questions:

Will I get access to Stephanie?

Yes, Stephanie and her team of expert Digestive health Coaches will be in the group each day to answer your questions. You have access to private messaging and community coaching in the private Facebook Group.

Will my friends and family see my posts in the private Facebook community?

No. The privacy settings in the Facebook community mean that only you, the group members, and the Clairity Digestive Program team will see your messages in the group.

Is having a Facebook account required to access the Clairity Digestive Program and associated resources?

You can access the entire program, all the materials, and get email coaching without a Facebook account. If you wish to participate in the community (we’d love to have you), you’ll need a Facebook account.

How long is the program?

The Clairity Digestive Program is 12 months. Phase 1 is 7 weeks and it provides you with digestive strategies to help give you relief. Phase 2 is also 7 weeks that will help you identify your food intolerances. Then in phase 3, we expand your food list and keep you going. The program gives you support for an entire year!

Do I get unlimited support?

Yes. You get unlimited email support to get all your questions answered for the duration of the program.

Is everything available as soon as I join?

As soon as you sign up, you get access to week 1 of the program. Then, each week you’ll get access to a new class with the steps you need to follow for that week. Once you hit phase 3, you’ll get a new class each month for the remainder of the time you’re in Clairity.

Is everything online, or are there any printed materials that I would receive?
There are PDF files that you can access online or print them out if you like.

I’ve been following the Low FODMAP Diet, will this help?

If you’re still struggling with symptoms, the Clairity Digestive Program can help. The low FODMAP diet is just one part of healing the gut and reducing symptoms, is just one of seven strategies you will find in the Clairity Digestive Program to get you well again.
You’ll learn how to eat for good digestion, incorporate good bacteria, balance the mind and the body, plus which FODMAPs you are intolerant to and which are safe.

What if I don’t like the program?

We’re confident you’ll love it and be able to manage your digestive symptoms with ease.
However, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy just email us within 30 days of purchase and you’ll get a full refund.

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