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Hey! I’m Stephanie Clairmont, and after my IBS diagnosis in 2007 I’ve been able to get my own life back and help thousands of others do the same.

If you’re struggling with gas, bloating, discomfort or any other digestive symptoms and are ready to get CLEAR on what’s triggering your symptoms and how you can move forward to take your life back and get back to normal, watch my free video series “Identify Your Triggers”

Free: Identify Your Triggers Video Series

Ready to leave symptoms like gas, bloating and pain behind?

After suffering with IBS for 4 years with no real help, Stephanie created a plan to overcome her own digestive symptoms which then turned into a step-by-step program to support clients at the Clairmont Digestive Clinic for several years. Using evidence-based strategies along with personal experience and clinical expertise the convenient, comprehensive CLAIRITY program is the best way for Stephanie to share this program and these steps with clients from around the world.

The program opens for new clients every few months, to learn more and get on the wait list click the button below.

The Low FODMAP Diet

Wondering what the Low FODMAP diet is and how to get started?

This diet is one thing that can help you overcome IBS, but it’s complicated, confusing and can feel quite overwhelming. Instead of a food list, grab this guide: The Complete Getting Started Guide for the Low FODMAP Diet.


What’s Causing Your Symptoms?


Food, alcohol, carbonated beverages, caffeine, exercise, stress, travel, supplements… there are so many things that could be contributing to your gas, bloating, discomfort, diarrhea and/or constipation related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and digestive distress!

In this FREE video series, you’ll learn exactly what steps to take to get CLEAR on what’s triggering your symptoms. The key to relief is to know what your triggers are so you can avoid them. In just three 5-minute videos, you’ll know what to do so you can get back to feeling normal.

The Relief Report

Articles, recipes and updates on what’s working in the world of research along with what’s happening in the world of digestive health. We’ve got our finger on the pulse to keep you updated and feeling good. Read a post, download a recipe or watch an episode.