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It’s time to stop letting digestive issues control your life with the Clairity Digestive Program.

Join the online program that gives you a crystal clear process to help you first find relief from IBS, than identify your food triggers so you can feel healthy and happy again in your body.

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Eat wholesome food to heal your gut and get relief from digestive symptoms right away.

Identify Triggers

Strategically test potential trigger foods to identify what your food intolerances are.

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Feel confident in your body once you know what foods are safe to eat and what to avoid.

What Causes Bloating, Gas, & Other Issues?

Triggers. Triggers like food, situations, activities all affect how your body reacts with symptoms related to IBS.

Once you identify what your unique food triggers are, you will have freedom from IBS.

It all starts with getting clear on what digestive strategies will help you heal your gut and what foods are your triggers. Scientific research shows foods that are high in FODMAPs are most likely triggering symptoms in people with IBS.

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Articles, recipes and updates on what’s working in the world of research along with what’s happening in the world of digestive health. We’ve got our finger on the pulse to keep you updated and feeling good. Read a post, download a recipe or watch an episode.

The Low FODMAP Diet is Not for Your Family

The Low FODMAP Diet is Not for Your Family

Hey there. I'm so glad you're reading this post. For you, for your family - let's get clear on an issue that's come up quite often which is not talked online in the Low FODMAP information you can find out there. How do you follow a Low FODMAP diet when you have a...

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Low FODMAP and Peanut-Free Chocolate Rice Bar Recipe

Low FODMAP and Peanut-Free Chocolate Rice Bar Recipe

One of the questions I get asked most is what do I eat? And that's a great question... actually, it's the best question. When you're dealing with IBS, and symptoms like bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, it's easy to say "oh no, what should I...

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Can Eating Salmon Improve Digestive Health?

Can Eating Salmon Improve Digestive Health?

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and IBS Simple and Delicious Salmon Recipes   I’m sure you’ve heard that salmon is healthy for you, but you’re probably wondering if it will improve your digestive health. Maybe you eat salmon regularly but are getting bored of the ways you...

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