I think it’s safe to say that the kid in all of us will always have a soft spot for chicken strips. Have you ever tried making your own chicken strips at home? If not, and you’re thinking about giving it a try, look no further. This is the recipe for you!

Did you know a quarter cup serving of dried coconut is Low FODMAP? Many people think this tropical fruit is totally off limits on the Low FODMAP diet, but even during the elimination phase, a small amount can be ok! With a cup of coconut in this recipe that makes 4 servings, that means the FODMAP levels should be just low enough for you to indulge in these chicken strips without suffering the consequences later ūüėČ

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Today’s post¬†comes to us from two Registered Dietitians,¬†Erin and Dara! This duo is the voice and brains behind the popular blog How to Eat,¬†where you’ll find tons of content focused on easy and healthy recipes to help people reconnect with food. We are so lucky to have them here with us today, so thanks guys!

Low FODMAP Recipe: Crispy Baked Coconut Chicken Strips

Makes: 4 servings

Time: 10 minutes prep, 12 minutes cook



1 lb of chicken breast, cut into long pieces

1 cup gluten-free bread crumbs

1 cup unsweetened coconut

1 tablespoon canola oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 large egg

2 tablespoons gluten-free flour

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

1 tablespoon whole grain mustard (or your mustard of choice)

water (a few teaspoons, as needed)



Preheat oven to 375F. In a small bowl, combine bread crumbs, coconut, canola oil and salt until the whole mixture is evenly and lightly coated in oil. Transfer mixture to a lined baking sheet in a shallow layer. Bake for 4-5 minutes until golden brown, stirring halfway through.

In a separate bowl, whisk to combine egg, flour, mayonnaise, and mustard. Whisk in water, by the teaspoon, as needed to make a batter that evenly coats the back of a spoon and runs off slowly.

Add chicken pieces to the batter and toss to coat each piece well. Transfer chicken piece by piece to the bread crumb/coconut baking sheet. Cover each piece generously with crumbs, pat gently and flip to repeat. Transfer coated pieces to a second lined baking sheet. Bake for 11-12 minute until chicken is just cooked through.


These coconut chicken strips are completely Low FODMAP and super yummy on their own, but you can have a little more fun with this mango curry dipping sauce if you are into the challenge and re-introduction phases of the Low FODMAP diet. The mango will act as a good test for fructose. To keep the challenge to only one type of FODMAP at a time, you can substitute lactose-free yogurt for the Greek yogurt, and maple syrup or sugar for the honey.

Mango Curry Dipping Sauce


1/2 cup mango chunks (thawed frozen work well)

1/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup greek yogurt

1 teaspoon liquid honey

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1/8 teaspoon curry powder



Combine all of the ingredients for the mango dipping sauce in a blender and puree. Alternatively, use an immersion blender.


Erin and Dara are Registered Dietitians, food experts and bloggers who are passionate about providing impactful nutrition, cooking, and lifestyle. They each hold bachelor’s degrees in both kinesiology and nutrition and are self-taught home cooks. They made their TV debut on the popular Food Network show Dinner Party Wars and have been interviewed and featured in many print, online, and television media outlets as nutrition experts. Follow them on Instagram for delicious food inspiration!

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