Can you believe it’s September already? I just can not! I love this month though – because it’s harvest season! That means so many delicious and wonderful foods are fresh from the farm, packed with nutrients, and ready to eat! This is the month I am most excited to cook at home, because food just tastes SOOO much better when it’s fresh and in season, don’t you think? This month I share with you, one of my “Go-To” recipes for a quick dinner – rice noodles are quick and easy, and then you can add a variety of toppings – whatever you have on hand, leftover, or what is in season! Feel free to play with this recipe and make it your own. The sesame peanut sauce makes anything taste good 😉

If you or someone you love suffers from gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, or other digestive distress, this is a great recipe to have on hand.

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