Do you love cookies? Who doesn’t?!?!

I’m happy you’re here and would like to officially welcome you to the first of a three-part series all about cookies! A dietitian talking about cookies? You got it!

Although you won’t catch me recommending eating cookies all day, every day, I do believe that all foods can fit into your diet. The team and I wanted to make sure that when you are enjoying a treat, it won’t cause you digestive issues by giving you some strategies, suggestions and recipes!

If you love baking like our team member Alida does, the idea of hosting a holiday baking party sounds fun! It’s a really great way to celebrate the holiday season and share time with friends and family by inviting everyone into the kitchen to whip up a batch of deliciousness!

However, with all of the work that would be involved in hosting such an event, on top of all the shopping to be done, the presents to be wrapped (and did we mention cleaning the house?!) it starts sounding like more stress than it’s worth… but it doesn’t have to be! Today we are sharing some tips on how you can host your very own holiday baking party that’s also low FODMAP, and (relatively) stress-free too. Alida has planned out the perfect holiday baking party below and shares a few things to consider to keep your digestive health merry and bright this holiday season.

The Low FODMAP Menu: Easy Cuisine

Keep it simple. The holidays can be stressful enough as it is, with so much to do and so little time! It can be tempting to out do yourself to impress your guests, but if you’re not already aware, stress can greatly impact our digestive health, and not in a good way. If you’re deciding to host a little baking get together with friends and family, try to make it as stress-free as possible.

Consider offering a classic warm beverage that everyone will love. It’s all in the little details – your guests will really appreciate these creative ideas that require minimal work on your part, so you can focus on enjoying the party! Of course the following ideas are low FODMAP and safe for those of us trying to manage our IBS symptoms, because the last thing we want during the holidays is a flare up of our symptoms.

Low FODMAP Hot Cocoa Bar

  • Hot cocoa mix – store bought mixes are usually safe for following a low FODMAP diet, and convenient too! Just quickly check the label for any odd sweeteners or gums that you might not be familiar with, but otherwise you should be good to go. Basic cocoa and sugar always does the trick too!
  • Peppermint tea bags – great for calming those IBS symptoms. Try steeping a peppermint tea bag in your freshly made mug of hot cocoa for a minty chocolate treat! YES!
  • Whipped cream – good news, it’s low FODMAP! Although many lactose containing dairy products like cream can cause issues, in small amounts whipped cream is a-ok!
  • Cocoa powder and cinnamon shakers – make like Starbucks with simple shaker bottles filled with cinnamon and cocoa for guests to sprinkle on top of their hot chocolate creations!



Cookie making is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it ;-). If you’re looking to feed your recruits, we recommend making use of a crock pot or slow cooker! A simple soup can be thrown together the morning of, or even the day before, and simply brought out a few hours before hand to reheat and forget about. Guests can help themselves as they see fit, while you can focus on the baking and socializing! Try my Low FODMAP Harvest Vegetable Soup or another creation.

SOUP COOKING TIP: Leave the garlic and onion out of your usual recipe and opt for some diced fennel bulb instead.

Low FODMAP Cookie Recipes

Again, simplicity is key! Now is not the time to try 10 different new cookie recipes – it will most likely just create a chaotic kitchen – not fun! Instead, pick 2 or 3 favourites each with a different flavour profile so everyone is likely to come away with something they like. Next week we will be posting three low FODMAP cookie recipes that would be perfect, my friends ;-). Stay tuned for low FODMAP Maple Ginger Crinkle Cookies, Lemon Cranberry Biscotti, and Candy Cane Meringues!

Plan Your Guest List

Think about the logistics and flow of the space you will be using, and try to map out different stations in your head to figure out how many people you can comfortably invite without it feeling overwhelming or crowded. You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen… we recommend limiting your cookie stations to 2-3 people so everyone can get involved. Try to incorporate some no-cook or freezer recipes so your oven doesn’t get overloaded.


Assign Shopping Lists

Since your guests will be taking some baked goods home with them, it’s fair to ask them to bring over a few ingredients! You might want to provide the basics yourself, like flour, baking powder, salt, spices, sugar, and then assign any other ingredients you’ll need for your recipes to various guests. Everyone makes, everyone takes! You can also ask your guests to bring their own Tupperware so they can transport their yummy creations home. This way you don’t get stuck letting them borrow yours, which you will definitely be needing to store your upcoming holiday feast leftovers!

Prep Your Essentials

Having some baking tools and essential ingredients on hand and in an easy to access location will help your guests quickly find things in your kitchen and keep them from stealing you away to ask you where to find everything! Here are a few essentials to have on hand:

  • Paper towels, dish towels, oven mitts
  • Cookie sheets, bowls, mixing spoons, measuring cups and spoons
  • Flour, baking powder, brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter

Set the Mood

Some good Christmas tunes to set the mood for your holiday party are a must to get everyone relaxed and in the spirit of the season and having fun!

We recommend these free 8Tracks playlists:

Vintage Christmas – oldies, jazz

Ho!Ho!Ho!:The Classics – traditional

Christmas 2015 – chill, warm & cozy

Or download the Songza App (my fave) and listen to any of their wonderful holiday playlists.


That’s it! Everything you need to host a stress-free low FODMAP holiday baking party, all in one place. So get that guest list ready and send out those invites, and before you know it you’ll be spending some much needed quality time with your family and friends, celebrating the approaching holiday season over love, laughter and cookies!


Wishing you good gut health & wellness,

Stephanie and the Team

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