Searching for a café that offers unique, low FODMAP treats is no easy task, we totally understand! But it’s one of my (and the team’s) missions in life to help you find more great places to eat that won’t cause symptoms. AND it’s totally worth the hunt once we find the perfect one that we can share.

Our team has been to Café 22 several times and we love it. Our team member Carly visited this modern European-themed café in uptown Waterloo recently to try a few gluten-free snacks, sandwiches, and low FODMAP caffeinated drinks.  This café is equipped with both a bar for you to relax and enjoy a drink, and tables if you’d like to sit down and have a nice lunch.  Here’s the low-down on her visit.

Eating Out Low FODMAP

First up, Carly tried the gluten-free milk chocolate hazelnut toffee bar.  Just hearing the name makes you crave something sweet, doesn’t it? Oh man, my mouth is watering writing this.  Chocolate and hazelnut are not low FODMAP, but can be eaten in moderation depending on your personal limits.  You know your body best.  This bar comes in a very small portion, which could be a good thing considering it limits your chocolate and hazelnut intake.

Cappuccino dacquoise and black and white mousse are also offered at Café 22. Man, this just keeps sounding better doesn’t it?  Popping in a quick question to the friendly staff, Carly found out these gluten-free desserts are always changing in flavour, so if you feel like snacking on a more conventional flavoured mousse, let’s say chocolate, not to worry – they’re offered as well.

Low FODMAP Sandwiches

I also love the fact that you can build your own sandwich or wrap here – you can create one to your personal preferences, and modify it to ensure it’s good for your gut.  Here are the steps, paired with low FODMAP ingredients that we chose from their options

1)  Choose your bread – go gluten-free
2) Choose your meat – any type will work for your gut, though some people find red meats (beef and pork) to be more irritating
3) Choose your cheese – opt for feta, havarti or Swiss
4) Choose unlimited toppings – tomato, cucumber, black olives, roasted peppers, field greens and eggplant are all good
5) Choose your sauce – mustard, pesto (in moderation)

Low FODMAP Beverages

No one can leave a coffee shop without actually trying a hot beverage, so Carly decided on a decaf cappuccino made with unsweetened almond milk.  Almond milk is a dairy-free milk alternative, allowing those with IBS to enjoy a comforting beverage without worrying about uncomfortable symptoms that may follow.  Café 22 also offers  flavoured almond milk as well for an extra little treat.

A digestive-friendly tip I always give to my clients wanting a coffee beverage is to order decaf.  The caffeine is a gut stimulant and can cause serious digestive distress. Choosing decaf will sit much better for many people.  Here’s an article explaining this in greater detail.  For those who love their caffeine and can’t go cold turkey, I suggest slowly transitioning by ordering ½ decaf drinks at first, and then easing into full decaf once you’re ready.

So if you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo area or if you’re just passing by for a visit, I suggest you pop into this delicious and cozy café.  I know you’ll really like it!


Much love & good eating,

Stephanie and The Team

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