I’m always on the lookout for cozy, cool restaurants that also offer gluten-free and possibly low FODMAP eats and treats.  This week I want to introduce you to the Cornerstone Café in Guelph.  Our team member Trista paid a visit to this lovely place to check out their menu and find out more about the delicious and nutritious vegan options available.  The Cornerstone décor is a cozy and unpretentious vibe with brick walls, dim lighting, hand-written signs, and friendly, unique staff – it is sure to make you feel at home and relaxed.

The wide selection of food was also impressive.  In addition to the baked goods offered at a cafe, the Cornerstone also serves meals.  Now shall I mention the yummy gluten-free muffins they offer?  There was a delicious-smelling tray of moist blueberry and mixed fruit muffins.  Chatting with the staff, Trista found out they’re made fresh on the daily and the flavours change depending on the day – adding much more variety.  Absolutely perfect if you’re grabbing a snack on the go.


Low FODMAP Lunch

Asian Rice Bowlrsz_1photo_8

Trista decided on trying a Cornerstone Rice Bowl – both vegan and gluten-free as an almost low FODMAP option.    It came as a generous serving packed with brown rice, tempeh, shredded carrot, romaine lettuce and cucumber – all low FODMAP ingredients, hooray!  This dish is usually accompanied with a sweet chili thai sauce – but to make it low FODMAP, the friendly kitchen staff created a peanut butter paste for us instead.  It was wonderful and delicious.

Spinach and Asiago Dip

The second dish was the Spinach Asiago Dip, with a side of corn tortilla chips.  Mmm.  This dish is also gluten-free, and although it contains rsz_550b11c9a4b92cheese, the great thing is that it’s feta cheese.  Feta cheese actually has a lower content of lactose than other dairy products, which is good news, since lactose is one of the culprits in producing IBS symptoms AND it’s also low FODMAP up to ½ a cup. This dip does have other FODMAP ingredients like garlic, so make sure to not overindulge.


Other Low FODMAP Lunches

Since most items at The Cornerstone are made-to-order, right in front of you with their small “open-kitchen” concept, you can easily modify your meal to make it Low FODMAP, like Trista did with the Rice Bowl.  Here are a few general guidelines to make sure you can dine without digestive distress:

  • Ask for no garlic or onions.  Unfortunately, the Spinach Dip was already made with garlic, but you can request other dishes to be prepared without.  Ask the friendly servers!
  • Choose Low FODMAP toppings.  The Cornerstone offers several gluten-free sandwiches, and make sure you exclude toppings high in FODMAPs, such as red onion and avocado (in high amounts).

The Cornerstone is a great restaurant to visit if you’re on the hunt for some good for your gut meals.  Gluten-free snacks for you to grab on the go and big meals – it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.  Absolutely lovely.


Much love & good eating,

Stephanie & the Team

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