I visited Halifax for this first time this April to teach a workshop to 22 amazing dietitians. What a magical, beautiful place! In three days, I ate as much delicious East Coast food as I possibly could and found a few wonderful little places that you HAVE to try next time in Halifax. If you avoid any kind of food (lactose, gluten, FODMAPs), you know eating out can be a real challenge, especially for someone with IBS or digestive distress. My team and I write these product and restaurant reviews to help you find the places that make eating without feel like you’re not missing anything. We hope you find it helpful! And of course, it is my pleasure to try all this food and let you know if it’s good or not!

Halifax - Odells4

Odell’s Gluten-free Bakery & Cafe

This is a real gem of a gluten free bakery. I searched for a gluten-free bakery in Halifax so I could get some goods for the few days I was in Halifax and found Odell’s. I woke up, went for a run, and then made my little 10 minute drive to Odell’s. Totally worth the drive – I would honestly rent a car every time I go to Halifax, just so I can drive around and get to incredible little places like this!

At Odell’s, I found an array of gluten free muffins, cookies, squares, breads, and buns. It’s not just a bakery but an amazing cafe that serves sandwiches and pizzas. To have a place like this where I live… oh that would be a dream! I haven’t had a breakfast sandwich in years … well out, you know, like at a quick stop restaurant. I arrived, made my order and had the simply delicious breakfast sandwich served on a tasty gluten free English muffin in minutes. I took a few muffins for the road which were yummy the next morning for a quick breakfast before I taught my workshop. What an incredible place.

Halifax - 2 - Evans'

Evan’s Fresh Seafood & Restaurant

Another day in Halifax, another incredible place to try. I had a real craving for fish and chips, but being gluten-free makes it a challenge. There had to be gluten-free fish and chips in Halifax right? Well boy this was harder to find then I thought. Just one restaurant that served gluten-free fish & chips and it was in Dartmouth – again my rental car came in so darn handy.

Evan’s Fresh Seafood & Restaurant has dedicated gluten-free fryers and they make gluten-free fish & chips, scallops & chips, or clams & chips. We tried the fish and scallops which were so satisfying. Sometimes you just need some deep fried goodness – doesn’t this photo make you drool? Served with fresh cut fries and a little lemon. Perfection! We’ll definitely try the lobster poutine and carrot cake next time as both are gluten-free as well.

Try not to get lost, Evan’s is a food stand with tables and an outdoor patio in the market building. The view while you’re eating is absolutely gorgeous as well. Oh Halifax… I love you.

I found so many awesome restaurants that offered gluten-free that I need to do a second review post! Stay tuned later this week for more delicious digestive friendly eating in Halifax!

Much love & good eating,


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