As a self-proclaimed foodie and digestive health dietitian, I’m always on the lookout for delicious lunch spots that also offers good-for-your-gut meals and snacks.  I’ve spent years suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and love being in a place in my life where my symptoms are close to gone! I know how great it is to find a restaurant that is willing to accommodate to food intolerance’s and sensitivities.  I hope to provide  reassurance for those of you with IBS by searching for and sharing great spots to eat out.  The team and I met in Kitchener a few months ago and we obviously had to take this as an opportunity to conduct a manhunt for the perfect Low FODMAP lunch spot! We found Kava Bean Commons.

Turns out it was just the place we were searching for!  The atmosphere was perfect for a breakfast or lunch café – just the right size, with enough comfy tables and chairs to ensure there’s no overcrowding. The ambiance was also unique, cozy and relaxing, and had a way of making us feel like we were in the comfort of our own home.  What really stuck out to us was the friendly staff – they were extremely accommodating and helpful, and answered ANY and EVERY question we had about their menu. It was nice to not feel like we were being annoying by asking all our tough food intolerance questions – know what I mean? 😉  After grilling them about their ingredients, suppliers, fryers, and other food-related topics, we finally decided to try out the food for ourselves.

Gluten-Free Sandwiches and Wraps

Finding a restaurant that offers gluten-free bread is getting easier, but it’ still so rare to find gluten-free wraps on the menuWell, Kava Bean Commons offers just that. We ordered the gluten-free turkey club wrap and they were happy to make any of their sandwiches on gluten-free bread and tortillas.  Although the gluten-free tortilla wrap was slightly stiffer than a regular tortilla, we were still very impressed.

Here are a few more Low FODMAP, gluten-free sandwiches they offer:

  • Fresh Roasted Turkey Club: Fresh turkey, thick sliced bacon, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato
  • Avocado and Bruschetta Wrap (small amounts of avocado are low FODMAP and may be tolerated by those with IBS)

We got an order of the homemade kettle chips with our wrap. They were fantastic– so, so crispy.  Although the chips themselves are naturally gluten-free, unfortunately they don’t have a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Those with an intolerance to gluten or wheat or following a low FODMAP diet should be fine, but those with celiac disease should steer clear of this option. Another gluten-free sides they offered was homemade potato salad and coleslaw.  Yum!  If you want a hot comforting soup, theirs are completely homemade, so just simply ask if it’s gluten-free or not.  Our team member Carly tried their gluten-free vegetable soup, and it was fantastic.  For those who prefer a nice refreshing salad instead, don’t worry, all their homemade salads are gluten-free.  However, make sure you choose salads that don’t contain onion, which is a sulphurous vegetable and can cause you discomfort.  Be careful about hidden FODMAPS in the salad dressing – the main ones are garlic and onion.  For more tips on eating out, check out our article on how to avoid digestive distress when eating out.

Low FODMAP Desserts

I am sad to say that our stomachs were so full that we could only squeeze in the gluten-free cookies they offer, but that didn’t stop us from investigating! Kava Bean Commons also offers gluten-free butter tarts, supplied from Sysco.
Too bad we couldn’t try them, guess that means we’ll have to make a return trip sometime in the future 😉

I definitely suggest you check out Kava Bean Commons if you live in, or are around the Kitchener-Waterloo area!


Much love & good eating,

Stephanie and the Team

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