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Low FODMAP Pub Food Classics Served Up On Australian Pub Tour Makes Eating Out Easier For Those With IBS


Relief Report 003: Hazelnuts, Low FODMAP Pub Tours, & IBS Immune System

Posted by Stephanie Clairmont, RD on miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017


Media Update

Low FODMAP Pub Food in Australia

Headline: Gluten Free Beer on a FODMAP Pub Tour

What You Need to Know:

Lewis and Son teamed up with Wilde Beer and Chloe McLeod (a local dietitian) to present a pub tour in Australia that took place on July 8th, 2017. The tour featured all low FODMAP pub food and drink.

Lewis and Son is an Australian company that specializes in charcuterie, meats and fermented products. They are the first company to specialize in charcuterie that is FODMAP Friendly certified.

The Pub Tour took participants to 3 heritage pubs in Sydney. During the event, participants learned about the history of the pubs and enjoyed some low FODMAP pub food classics.

Accredited Practicing Dietitian Chloe McLeod also shared some information with guests about how to dine out with friends/family, label reading, and tips for making low FODMAP meals at home.

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Research Update

Symptom Flare Ups May Be Related To Immune Function

Headline: IBS-D shows unique immune cell exhaustion vs. other subtypes

What You Need To Know:

A small study of 11 IBS patients compared the immune system function of patients during symptom flare-ups and during periods where they were symptom-free. The results were published in the journal Gut.

Results of the study suggested that some parts of the immune system may be connected to symptom flare ups, specifically in people with diarrhea predominant IBS (IBS-D).

The T-cells of people IBS-D seem to be affected during periods of symptom flare-ups. T-cells are a type of white blood cell that our bodies produce to help us fight infections. The same effect on T-cells was not seen in all IBS patients involved in this study, just the IBS-D patients.

Infection is thought to be one potential cause of IBS, so these results are interesting when we consider the possible connection between a gastrointestinal infection with the onset of IBS.

The mind-gut connection may also be a factor, as certain neurochemicals have been shown to reduce immune system function.

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Hazelnut Spread is a Pass

Headline: #FactFriday Hazelnut spread is a pass! Spread confidently at a 20g serving size!

What You Need to Know:

FODMAP Friendly testing has revealed that hazelnut spread is low in FODMAPs at a 20g serving. While hazelnuts themselves are low FODMAP for a serving size of 10 nuts, the popular chocolatey breakfast spread contains some other ingredients and additives that haven’t been individually tested, so these results may come as exciting news to IBS sufferers!

Servings sizes are an important factor while working with FODMAPs. Including small, tolerable servings sizes of a variety of foods will help you expand your diet and improve your gut health.

Instead of completely avoiding a long list of foods, it’s necessary to work through challenge and reintroduction to find out your individual limit for specific foods and FODMAP groups to minimize any unnecessary dietary restrictions.

The Monash Low FODMAP App is an important tool for educating us about which foods contain FODMAPs, what types, and in what amounts. It is also important to look deeper than the traffic light system to understand what portion sizes of different foods are low FODMAP instead of avoiding all red and yellow light foods completely.

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