Exercise Induced Digestive Problems

Is Endurance Or Strength Training Better For IBS Symptom Management?

Relief Report 005: Low FODMAP products at a big Retailer, exercise could be causing you symptoms and what about Flax!!!

Posted by Stephanie Clairmont, RD on miércoles, 16 de agosto de 2017


Research Update

Exercise Induced Digestive Problems

Headline: Systematic review: exercise-induced gastrointestinal syndrome – implications for health and intestinal disease

What You Need To Know:

Do you experience exercise induced digestive problems? Being active is part of leading a healthy lifestyle, but those affected by IBS and other digestive disorders may struggle with constant symptoms preventing them from being active, or may avoid activity due to the fear of it causing the sudden onset of exercise induced digestive problems.

What type of exercise is best and what are the long-term effects?

A study published in May of 2017 explored concerns over the growing popularity of endurance events and high-intensity strenuous exercise as they relate to gut health, especially in those with digestive disorders.

During exercise, our bodies undergo a series of changes to the normal processes that occur, including redistribution of blood flow to muscles and a reduction of activity in the gut.

If the intestines lose a significant amount of blood during exercise, it can lead to inflammation which can impair the gut lining and affect motility.

The study looked at the potential for these changes to have adverse effects for individuals with gastrointestinal disorders since they already have a compromised GI system.

The study suggests that those with digestive concerns include low to moderate intensity forms of exercise which have a lesser impact on blood flow redistribution away from the gut. Staying hydrated before, during and after exercise is also key to maximizing gut function during exercise.

The study also reviewed emerging evidence that a Low FODMAP Diet leading up to running events may reduce gut related systems.

It is important to note that this study focused on the effects of strenuous and endurance exercises which are not a normal part of most individual’s routines. Different types of activity can be tolerated by those with digestive disorders, it’s all about taking things slow and easy (and staying close to a bathroom) when you first get started to figure out what works for you. Lower intensity forms of activity like walking and yoga may be easier on your system, whereas others may tolerate slightly more intense forms of movement.

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Low FODMAP Soluble Fibre

Headline: #ICYMI we’ve tested linseeds and guess what?! They’re #lowFODMAP. Make sure to check the app for serving sizes.

What You Need to Know:

If you didn’t already know, linseeds are the same as flaxseeds! According to the Monash low FODMAP app, a serving of 1 tablespoon is low in FODMAPs.

Flax is a good source of soluble fibre which is important for speeding up the time it takes for food to move through the gut. Sources of soluble fibre form a gel when they get wet, which can be especially important for those who struggle with constipation and a slow moving digestive system. Soluble fibre will help to speed things along.

In addition to soluble fibre, flax seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids which have important anti-inflammatory properties.

Did you know that your body can only absorb all the helpful nutrients in flax seeds if they are ground up? Consuming the seeds whole doesn’t result in the same benefit since our bodies have trouble breaking down the naturally protective coating on the seeds to get to the goodness inside!

Along with flax, soluble fibre is also found in some fruits, vegetables, legumes, oats, and psyllium.

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Media Update

NEW Low FODMAP Snack Bars

Headline: TrueSelf Foods’ low-FODMAP snack bars get Walmart.com distribution

What You Need To Know:

TrueSelf Foods’ line of FODMAP Friendly Certified snack bars will soon be available online at Walmart.com.

You can also purchase the bars directly from the TrueSelf Foods website (with free shipping for orders over $15).

This line of low FODMAP snack bars was developed by Dr. Michelle O’Brien to help those following the low FODMAP diet for gastrointestinal discomfort find some easy store-bought options.

The snack bars are available in a variety of flavours including lemon-poppy, pumpkin spice, banana cinnamon, and blueberry.

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